Art Advising & Management

Art Advising & Management

YGBART is an art management consultancy based in Madrid, Spain. We help private, corporate and government clients to develop art related initiatives.

YGBART founders Rosina Gómez-Baeza and Lucía Ybarra, renowned experts in cultural management and coordination as well as in different areas of art production, with proven experience in Spain’s most prestigious cultural organisations.

Factoria Cultural: A Creative Hub for Entrepreneurs

In addition to the activities of YGBART, we also run Factoria Cultural, a hub for entrepreneurs in creative industries.

From the Factoria web page...

FACTORIA CULTURAL, creative incubator and hub, promotes the development of entrepreneurial initiatives in the various fields of technology, communication and the arts, all included in the CCI.

FACTORIA also welcomes charities and other non-profit associations that develop their activity in this sector.

This hub was set up to foster innovative and sustainable projects, and help them expand. It is an enjoyable, human, open and dynamic atmosphere to work in, user-oriented and which will support entrepreneurs who want to make their CCI-related ideas and projects come true.

A bit of History: Before YGBART...

Rosina and the creation of Madrid’s trade fair organisation: IFEMA.

In 1978 Rosina realised the need to encourage international trade in Spain’s capital Madrid.

Through conversations with government officials, city council and in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Rosina launched IFEMA, and with it, its first ever official trade fair in Madrid: Sicur.

The Art Biennial

Taking place in the Canary Islands, Spain, Rosina created the Art Biennial, showcasing contemporary and emerging artists from over 20 countries.

Lucía Ybarra and the art of coordinating exhibitions

Prior to founding YGBART, Lucía was chief exhibition coordinator at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. Over sixteen years, Lucía developed immense expertise in the art of coordinating exhibitions, both at the museum and around the world. Lucía was chief liaison officer for touring exhibitions, building a solid understanding of the international art scene.

Fernando Cubillo joins YGBART

In 2016, Fernando Cubillo joins YGBART bringing well over twenty years of experience in international client relations. Fernando will oversee international operations and joins YGBART as Coordinator of International Projects.