Art Advising & Management


Rosina Gómez-Baeza and Lucía Ybarra founded YGBART in 2012 to provide private and institutional clients with cultural management, coordination, art production, consultancy and conservation of art collections.

Both Rosina and Lucía bring together years of experience in art management, having spent their entire careers in Spain’s most prestigious organisations.

Our Work

Some of our recent projects include the creation and development of Factoría Cultural, a hub for entrepreneurs in the creative industries, a research study into the present and future art scene in Spain, or a forum dedicated to promoting art in Spain and internationally.

Rosina and Lucía during the set up stages of Factoría Cultural.

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Our commitment: a truly personalised service

For YGBART, each project is unique, and our consulting effort is individually tailored to each clients’ objectives and strategic needs. Our work is approached with utmost professionalism, efficiency and confidentiality.

Our Mission

To realise an art collection’s full potential

In the current economic climate, art collections and cultural heritage in private hands require particular attention. YGBART was founded with the purpose of effectively helping the collector to accrue public attention, prestige and recognition.

To connect art collections with public spaces

The decline in public investment in museums and art centres calls for creative thinking to come up with new forms of collaboration between collectors and public spaces, which will ensure the continuity of their exhibition programmes. One of YGBART’s missions is to be instrumental in building the bridge between colletion and public space and procuring these bilateral agreements.

To bridge the gap between the art expert and the general public

To build a framework of contemporary artistic creation in which to spark a dialogue between experts and different audiences. YGBART organizes frequent conference cycles, workshops and round tables, always with the participation of the most prominent art professionals of today.