Art Advising & Management

Our Services

YGBART is a management, advisory and consultancy service with a mandate to:

  • build, promote and grow art collections
  • plan and develop art fairs, festivals and events
  • create art and cultural heritage
  • assist in all aspects pertaining to research, conservation, publicising and diffusion of art collections

YGBART provides collectors and corporations with bespoke human and technological tools to ensure the professional management of art collections as well as to drive forward and develop a range of projects and activities.

YGBART provides art collectors, individual and institutional, the capability, organisational and technical tools, to enable the management of art collections and to take collections to the next level. This activity takes place alongside the design and management of projects and activities envisioned to promoting and developing collections.

Our Clients

City and Gobernment Bodies
Large Corporate Collections
Private Individual Collectors